Our courses are 15 hours  per week of language lessons. Class sizes are no more than 12 and the average class size is 9. The levels are established on the first teaching day and placements in classes are based on oral competence. Each class is generally taught by two teachers who alternate after the first lesson: lessons are one and a half hours long with a 30 minute break in-between. All our teachers are qualified and have varying amounts of experience.

The focus of the course is on oral communication: broadening students’ active and passive knowledge and skills and increasing their confidence in using English. To achieve this aim some of our lessons are delivered by teachers of English through Drama. Other lessons are centred around task based learning. We bring English friends into some classes to provide a more authentic setting increasing motivation and encouraging communication.

File00011An English friend engages in role-play with three students…


while the teacher works with the remaining pupils.


An English friend helps her mum, the teacher, make lessons more interactive.



In 2015 our summer courses were based in the 6th form Emmaus building at the Catholic High School in Chester, giving the international students the opportunity to experience life at a British School.

West Cheshire College

In 2014 we were based at the West Cheshire College.

Classroom moments


Helen and Liam teaching

This class enjoyed communication with an English friend during their lesson with Helen.


These students enjoyed having an English friend join their drama class.


Louise and Rob

An English friend and two drama teachers always helps to liven things up!


Gwen teaching

Teacher, you´re the best!