Join our Host Family Team!

This form is intended for families who are already experienced host families. If you are a new family considering hosting please apply via the contact us page.

Please note “required” does not refer to anything you need to do for hosting, it just means that an answer is required in order for you to submit the form. If you do not know the reply, please write “I don´t know” or “000…” or anything you like!

Applicant 1 should be the person who will have the most day to day contact with the student/s.

Applicant 2 should be their partner/spouse.

Applicants 3, 4 and 5 should be any children (even if under 16).

PHOTOS. If possible, please could you send us 3 photos:

  1. You and your family
  2. Your favourite room or garden
  3. The exterior of your house

You can email them to or whatsapp them to 07830 096900