Full Immersion Programme

Full Immersion

Experience the Culture!

Our full immersion programme is an intensive individual programme for students of English who would like to improve their English as much as possible in the short time they have available. It is popular with students over 16 and professionals. The programme is flexible so each student can build their own package to suit their needs. They can choose the number of individual tailor-made lessons and decide on the intensity of the full immersion outside the teaching hours by choosing the number of full day or half day full immersion sessions. A full immersion session is a number of hours spent with an English mentor who has the task of exposing the student to as much language as possible and encouraging them to communicate.

Full IMmersion Beatrice and Oliver



A Spanish architect and university lecturer– Case study

Fermin was placed with a property developer for his homestay. They had many long conversations over dinner about building materials. A trip to the local D-I-Y store also proved a huge success with Fermin learning lots of new building trade vocabulary!

Fermin and Architect (2) copy (1)

He spent a lovely afternoon with a firm of local architects discussing projects and environmental issues.

Fermin Gormley

A trip to a local beauty spot provided him with material for his next university lecture (in English) and he was able to discuss the relevant engineering issues with his mentor (an engineer) on that trip.